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HMP Birmingham official visitors

HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
B18 4AS

+44 (0)121 5988000

+44 (0)121 5988111

Official Visitors

Official visitors will be permitted to enter with document files (subject to search), but not with mobile telephones or other electronic equipment. DVD playing facilities are available in each of the Legal Visits rooms.

Official visits

Mon Fri
08.15 09.05
09.15 10.05
10.15 11.05
11.15 12.05

13.50 14.40
14.50 15.40
15.50 16.40

Legal or other official visits will be conducted privately in one of three official visit booths available in the Visits Hall, although these are within the sight of visits staff. Visitors are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the establishment.

Laptops are not normally allowed to be brought into the establishment except in extenuating circumstances. If you need to bring a laptop, you must first book the appointment and then apply, in writing (e-mails will be acceptable) at least 7 days prior to the visit taking place. You will be issued with a letter of authorization which you must bring with you on the visit. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to use the technical aide on your visit.

Authorization to bring dictaphones into the establishment is not needed but the items must be declared at the point of X-Ray and in the Official Visits area before the visit takes place. You will be required to sign a declaration.